Knee Injury


Knee injuries can happen for many reasons. They can be related to a fall, sports or exercise activity or due to some other type of accident.  Many knee injuries can be treated non-surgically with rest, ice, bracing, physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. Typically, knee injuries include bone fractures, dislocated joints, a soft tissue tear in one of  the ligaments that hold the knee joint together, or a tear in the cartilage that cushions in between the bones of the knee or a tear in one of the tendons that make up the knee joint.  

Symptoms of knee injuries include pain, swelling, the knee "giving out", not being able to move the knee or a "popping" sound at the time of injury.

In some cases, ligament tears can be treated non-surgically depending on the activity level of the patient.  For athletes, who suffer a knee injury involving tears to knee ligaments, most often surgery is needed in order for the athlete to return to their sport. 


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