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Access Pilot

Access Center Pilot

As you know, MedStar launched a compelling initiative to improve patient access by enhancing the content and accuracy of our provider database.

In partnership with MedStar Care Connection, this pilot is focused on providing call center agents with real-time provider data that will help them to seamlessly match patients to the right provider, increasing conversion rates. Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine physicians who are included in the pilot have already begun completing their scope of practice survey, determining which conditions/procedures fall within their scope of practice.

This survey will then take the information provided and combine it with our existing data sources to power an intuitive web-based tool, deployed within our Consumer Contact Centers to better identify providers within the MedStar network. The condition-based search feature is particularly exciting for connecting the right patient to the right provider. For example, if a patient wants to find a physician who replaces hips, the access center agent will type “hip replacement” into the search bar and the tool will return our list of clinicians that specifically indicated that they perform this procedure.

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