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October Marks One Year Since Launch of Contact Center

October marked the first full calendar month that we could begin to compare the current calendar year metrics with previous calendar years. To-date, a total of 6,694 unassigned patient appointments have been scheduled. The last three months have resulted in the highest number of unassigned appointments scheduled, with an average of 681 appointments per month throughout August, September and October. These months also resulted in the highest volume of phone calls to the contact center from “unassigned” referral sources, with over 2,400 calls received per month. Prior to August, the highest monthly volume of calls was 1,788. The increase in call volume is primarily due to an influx of internal referral calls from MedStar Union Memorial Hospital.

Due to the continued increased unassigned call volumes during Fiscal Year 2017 and greater than expected call volumes from the August 2016 implementation of “direct” scheduling for MedStar Franklin Square Orthopaedics, MedStar Care Connection's service level for Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine calls has dropped from Fiscal Year 2016 levels. This has led us to revise our forecasting models for future phased implementations of the contact center.


Fiscal Year 2016

Since the MedStar Orthopaedic Institute and Sports Medicine contact center opened in September of 2015, the center has consistently scheduled more than its target quantity of 350 unassigned appointments per month. During fiscal year 2016, a total of 4,146 unassigned appointments were successfully scheduled, with February being the busiest month to-date (561 appointments).

The contact center also closely monitors contact center metrics to ensure that Service Level Agreements are maintained. During fiscal year 2016, the contact center exceeded each of its target service level metrics that were established at the outset of the program.

  • Service Level (% of calls answered in 20 secs or less) = 84%
    • Goal Service Level = 75%-85%
  • Average Speed to Answer = 29 seconds
    • Goal Speed to Answer = 25-35 seconds

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