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Access Pilot Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    What is ProviderMatch and why is MedStar doing this?

A.    One of the foundational elements supporting our successful evolution to a Distributed Care Delivery Network is the development of a robust, accurate physician directory, which underpins both effective physician referrals and patient access to seamless care, when and where they need it. By improving the accuracy and breadth of our provider directory, we can enhance physician referrals and direct patients to the right provider, with the goal of enhancing patient volume based on provider scope of practice.

To ensure we connect patients to the right care, at the right time, and with the right provider, we are pleased to announce a focused initiative to significantly improve and augment our physician directory through a solution called ProviderMatch,™ designed by experienced healthcare partner, Kyruus.  During the next several months, beginning in early September, Kyruus will build a consolidated, detailed and accurate provider database containing information about each provider’s training and practice locations, specialty, and a robust overview of his or her scope of practice, among other data components.

This database will power a solution to create a strong “digital front door” for our physicians. It will assist system call center agents in efficiently and accurately matching patients to the right provider and then booking appointments. It also will be leveraged to interface with other MedStar applications, including IDX appointment scheduling, MedStar’s Find a Doctor web search tool, the MedStar Refer mobile application, and ZocDoc, for providers who use this scheduling tool.

Q.  How does ProviderMatch work?

A.  A customized link to a Scope of Practice survey will be sent to all employed physicians within MedStar—approximately 2,000 physicians—via their MedStar email accounts.  The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete—a worthwhile investment in how our physicians are represented to both referring colleagues and potential patients.

Q.    Who is included in this database initiative?

A.    The first phase of the ProviderMatch initiative encompasses Baltimore Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine physicians currently employed by MedStar.  Future phases will include additional employed providers, mid-level providers, providers who are new to the system, as well as others to be determined.   

 Q. Why is Baltimore Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine part of the pilot?

A.  There has been a tremendous amount of work completed by providers and contact center administrators to improve the contact center and patient access as a whole.  Because it is a unified contact center and a large amount of work has already been done by the Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine providers, ProviderMatch will integrate nicely to further enhance the experience for both patients and providers.  The surveys will be semi prepopulated for the Baltimore Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine providers while the remainder of the population will complete the full scope of practice survey.

 Q. What will happen to the work that was previously done by the Baltimore Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine providers?

A.  MedStar is working closely with Kyruus to use the work that has already been completed within the contact center as the basis for the scope of practice survey. The survey that providers have received contains some pre-populated terms based off of provider protocols. The goal of the survey is for providers to describe their expertise at a more granular level, and in a way that will allow patients to match with the correct provider when they conduct a provider search based on the condition in which they need to be seen.

Q.    What is the timeline? When is go live?

The link to the surveys will be distributed on TBD. Physicians will have four weeks to complete the survey. Kyruus will work with the MedStar Digital team and other stakeholders to refine the data collected and advance the crosswalk of that data to key MedStar functionalities, including Find a Doctor, IDX, MedStar Refer mobile application and ZocDoc, where relevant.

The new provider database will go live once all content reviews are complete, currently scheduled for October.

Q.    How do physicians access the survey?

A.      Each physician will receive an email to his or her MedStar email account with a link and instructions to the physician’s custom survey. It is important to complete your survey as soon as possible to ensure that your information is captured in the initial upload of provider information. To request a customized link, or are having technical difficulties, please contact [email protected]. A member of the team will respond to you by the close of the next business day.

Q. How does this differ from Find a Doc? Will this replace FAD? When?

A. ProviderMatch significantly improves the Find-A-Doc functionality. As part of this enhanced database initiative, Kyruus will work with MedStar to create reliable physician data derived from our existing processes and databases. It will refine the accuracy of our provider directory and build out content. This information will then be rolled into an API (Application Programming Interface) which can be used to power a number of MedStar applications, including Find a Doc. ProviderMatch develops the “digital front door” for our physicians to make it easier for patients to find and connect with our providers. It will digitally showcase our providers’ expertise in a more compelling way. ProviderMatch also makes it easier for physicians and other stakeholders to both provide and receive the right physician referrals. This will also improve our call center databases to more accurately connect the right patients to the right providers. The new provider database will go live once all content reviews are complete, currently scheduled for January.

Q. Who should we call for technical support?

A. For technical support about the survey, please contact[email protected]

 Q. The survey link will not work on a computer running Internet Explorer 8. What browser should the provider use to complete his/her survey?

A. Please complete the survey using Internet Explorer 9 or later, Chrome or Firefox.

Q. Does every physician within an office or practice need to take the Scope of Practice survey if we share the same specialty?

A. Yes, every employed physician at MedStar will need to complete his or her own survey. The goal is to reach a 100% completion rate for all Ortho/SM provider surveys by TBD (dependent on survey release date). 

Q. How long does it take to complete the survey?

A. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete—a worthwhile investment in how physicians are represented to both referring colleagues and potential patients.

Q.    Is completing the survey mandatory?

A. We believe all our physicians would benefit from completing a survey. This tool will be invaluable in accurately and seamlessly connecting our physicians with each other and potential patients. Physicians who complete a survey will be more easily found via search engines, and more compellingly displayed. Physicians who do not complete the survey will then not benefit from this robust tool designed to support their practice of medicine.

Q.  What is the deadline for completing the survey?

A. The links for the Scope of Practice surveys will go out on TBD.  The survey will close on TBD.

Q.  What is the review process for completed surveys?

A.  The project will be managed locally by chiefs and chairs, as we do with delineation of privileges.

Q.  What happens if I don’t take a survey? Will I have a profile on Find a Doc, in MedStar Refer and within our MedStar call centers?

A. All surveys must be competed by Ortho/SM so that the contact center does not lose capabilities to match Unassigned Patients across all providers.

Q. Will this connect to ZocDoc?

A. The technical interface from MedStar’s new ProviderMatch database will connect with ZocDoc, for physicians within MedStar who use this scheduling tool.

Q. What is the process for physicians new to the system to access the Scope of Practice Survey?

A. The Access Manager on the Digital team will be connecting with Medical Staff Offices and credentialing to hardwire a process going forward. The Access Manager is also responsible for ensuring that the database is kept current and accurate.

Q. Will existing ECHO credentialing databases be updated?

A. No. When complete, MedStar’s ProviderMatch database will serve as the “source of truth” database engine for consumer- and physician-referral tools.

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