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Joint Replacement

joint replacement

Joint Replacement

At MedStar Health, we offer a wide variety of options for joint replacement. Our team of experts will evaluate your unique situation and recommend the best option for you. 

Robotic Joint Replacement using MAKOplasty

MAKOplasty is a computer assisted, three-dimensional planning and guidance tool that gives surgeons the ability to develop a pre-operative plan for each patient, as well as optimize the fit of the joint replacement during the surgery itself.  It is also referred to as robotic joint replacement.  Learn more about MAKOplasty.

Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement

An infrared camera, computer, and software allows surgeons to place the new joint in the precise place, optimizing the recovery of the patient. Now, the computer helps guide the surgeon through cuts, bones and implant positioning.

Rotating Platform Knee Replacement

Rotating Platform Knees are designed to allow the knee to slightly rotate while it flexes and extends.

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

A painful knee can hinder you from leaving a full active life. Partial knee joint replacement or Unicompartmental Knee Replacement is less invasive than a full knee joint replacement. The operation is designed to replace only the portions of the joint that are most damaged by arthritis hence reducing pain, recovery while achieving a comfortable range of motion.

Benefits include:

  • Smaller incision - A traditional knee joint replacement surgery involves an incision about 8 inches over the front of the knee. In the minimally invasive partial knee replacement, the incision is about 3 inches, and the amount of dissection and bone removal is much smaller.
  • Less blood loss - Because of the extent of dissection and bone removal necessary for a total knee joint replacement, the need for a blood transfusion is relatively common. With the unicompartmental knee procedure, a blood transfusion is not as common, and patients do not need to consider giving blood preoperatively.
  • Shorter recovery - With traditional total knee joint replacements, patients spent three or four days in the hospital and often required a stay in an inpatient rehabilitation unit. Both the time in the hospital and the time to functional recovery are less with the partial knee replacement. Patients are known to have been discharged on the day of the procedure

Learn more about knee replacement surgery options.

Hip Replacement Surgery

The goal of hip replacement surgery is to help relieve your pain and improve your quality of life. In a total hip replacement surgery, the painful parts of the damaged hip are replaced with artificial hip parts called a prosthesis, a device that substitutes or supplements a joint. The prosthesis consists of three components: a socket, ball, and stem. The outer shell of the socket is usually made of metal and the inner shell consists of plastic or the entire socket may be plastic. When the metal ball is joined with the socket, the new hip allows for smooth, nearly frictionless movement.

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