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Gender-Specific Joint Replacement

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Studies have shown that the shape of women's knees differs from men's. And it's not just a size difference. Although traditional replacement knees are available in different sizes, the gender knee reproduces the unique female shape.

MedStar uses the first and only implant shaped to fit a woman's anatomy. The design is based on pioneering research that confirmed the differences between the women and men knee joints. The outcome is a more comfortable, custom-fitting implant offering optimal range of motion.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Joint Replacement

A Unique Shape and Size: The gender-specific implant has a unique shape and size that has two distinct differences from all other knee implants. A thinner profile, which allows for more natural movement of the kneecap, and a shape specially contoured for women.

Better Function: Traditional joint implants are designed using "average size data." This means that the designers of implants tried to find the "average" joint size, and then design implants that are either slightly larger or slightly smaller than the average. The gender-specific implant better replicates the normal anatomy, allowing for better function, as well as improved durability.

Shorter Recovery: Get back to gardening, swimming, long walks and your life. The gender-specific knee replacement provides for a better fit, higher flexion and more natural movement because allowing you to get back to doing the things you love.

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