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Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement using MAKOplasty

At MedStar Orthopaedic Institute, our fellowship trained joint replacement specialists offer the latest techniques and technologies in total hip, total knee and partial knee replacement surgery. Replacement joints with a more natural, customized fit to each individual’s anatomy result in higher success of the joint replacement and increased patient satisfaction.

Advancements in technology, such as robotic assisted joint replacement, can shorten recovery times, lessen pain in recovery and increase the life of the joint. MedStar Union Memorial Hospital is the first hospital in Maryland to perform total knee replacements using MAKOplasty robotic surgery and this latest advancement in expertise supports our history of innovation in the specialty of orthopedic surgery. Now, we are performing more Mako procedures than any other hospital in the state.

MAKOplasty is a computer assisted, three-dimensional planning and guidance tool that gives surgeons the ability to develop a pre-operative plan for each patient, as well as optimize the fit of the joint replacement during the surgery itself.  

In the example of a knee replacement, a 3D model is formed for each patient using a CT scan of the patient’s knee. This model is used to prepare a surgical plan and determine the implant’s size and shape. During the surgery, the robotic arm is guided by the surgeon. Based on the patient-specific plan to prepare the patient’s knee joint, only the diseased bone is removed, safeguarding the healthy bone and tissue. Next, the surgeon uses the robotic arm to implant the replacement prosthesis and make real-time adjustments to fit, ligament tension and soft tissue balance. MAKOplasty also eliminates variability, allowing the joint to work more smoothly and with less wear and tear.

Most patients are candidates for MAKOplasty as long as they have good bone quality and have the specialized CT scan.

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